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Acorn ornament, priced per stem. These paper acorns have been made using multiple layers of stips of junk mail for the basic form and covered in crepe paper. Chose from a grayish brown or golden brown acorn, then select if you want a leaf included ($2 extra). Each ornament will be slightly different because they are all made by hand, and will come with a silver spiral hook for easy placement on your tree or wherever you decide to hang them.


Appox Measurements:
Acorn: 1.5" wide by 2" high

With hook: 3.75" from the top of the hook to bottom of the acorn

Leaf: 2.5" long by 1" wide


Ornaments have been sprayed with UV protectant, but please avoid direct sunlight and moisture.

Paper art is delecate and proper care should be taken to enjoy the bright and fresh look.


Photos are property of Ashley Reagan and ibleedheart and should not be copied or used without permission.

Acorn Ornament - 2 Options

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