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Hello! I'm Ashley Reagan, creator and owner of ibleedheART. The name ibleedheART was created from the realization that everything that I do revolves around Art as if Art runs through my veins. 

Art is my escape. 
It keeps me going.
Art is my passion.
It is what I want and need to do!

I grew up creating, graduated with an Art Degree, and have been finding ways to be artistic ever since graduating; whether it's having a henna booth at an arts festival, taking artistic photos around town, or doodling on a pair of TOMS, creating a beautiful piece of pottery, or painting a picture.

My business started with hand-painted shoes in 2012, and I added embroidery thread earrings to the mix in 2015.

Why embroidery thread? I love wearing real feather earrings, but in the Oklahoma wind it can be quite frustrating having to adjust them every 5 seconds as they fly around, so I wanted something with a little more weight, but that would still have the look of a feather and also not be so heavy that they pull on the lobe. Thus the idea for stiffened embroidery thread! The best part is that the “feathers” can be any color of the rainbow and the design can be made to fit whatever style you’re looking for. The butterfly wings provide another level of artistic creativity, and are sure to be a conversation starter!

While I no longer offer custom painted shoes on the regular, I'm so thankful for where they have taken me over the years. I now mainly focus on the earrings, and began creating crepe paper flowers at the beginning of 2019. The dream is to sell flowers locally at pop-ups and farmers markets, and one day sell them from a restored VW Bus!

I am so thankful for the gift that God has given me and I cannot imagine my life without art. It has provided so much healing therapy throughout my life and if my art brings a smile to at least one person, then I believe I have achieved my goal in spreading joy though my art.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and sign up for the VIP Newsletter and stay up-to-date on new items and special discounts! @ibleedheART

Video Interview:

Tulsa World Interview: here


  • KT Memorial Scholarship fund - Created in memory of a friend, this scholarship is awarded to one New Hampshire Police Cadet each year! 50% of all purchases of the Protect & Serve earrings are donated to the scholarship fund.

  • Wounded Warrior Project - serving our military who have visible and invisible wounds when they return home from serving our country. 10% of all purchases of the Patriotic earrings are donated to the WWP.

  • Carry the Load - non-profit organization that provides an active way to connect Americans to the sacrifices made daily by our military, veterans, first responders and their families.  10% of all purchases of the Thin Line earrings are donated to Carry the Load.

By supporting ibleedheART with your purchases, you are supporting others for good!

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