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Oh look! A plant that will never die! Just don't water it or keep it near an open flame... 

This potted succulent has been handmade from shades of green crepe paper and placed in a hand painted terra cotta pot which measures approx 2 ⅝" tall and 3" wide. The paper succulent adds another 1" of height for a total of around 3 ⅝" tall. Each petal has been handcut, colored, and placed to mimic succulents in real life. Each one is unique, so measurements are approximate.


Paper art is delecate and proper care should be taken to enjoy the bright and fresh look. Do not water or keep near an open flame, keep away from direct sunlight so the paper won't fade.


Photos are property of Ashley Reagan and ibleedheart and should not be copied or used without permission.

Crepe Paper Succulents - S014

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