The crepe paper gnome of the month for December come is three options: Santa, Elf, and Grinch!

The Santa features the classic red and white cap with a belt buckle strap and white beard.

The Elf features a green and red cap with gray beard and elf ears on the side of the hat.

The Grinch features the classic red and white Santa cap and belt buckle strap, but with a green beard and nose!

Each one is completely made by hand, including embellishments. Because they are paper, special care should be given. Although they are sprayed with a UV protectant, please avoid placing them in direct sunlight and avoid water. For longest life, please store them in the plastic wrap they come in.


You choose:

Nose Color: Peach or Brown


This month's gnome stands around 5" and sits flat, making them perfect shelf sitters, or add them to a tiered tray.


Price is for one gnome of your choice.


All photos and designs are copyright Ashley Reagan and ibleedheART and should not be copied or used without written permission.

December Gnomes